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Machine mounts

Machine mounts or generator mounts are used for the elastic mounting of generators and other machinery. They isolate the resulting structure-borne noise and suppress vibrations from the generator and machine frame.

Various height adjustment systems are used depending on the type the mount to enable the generator to be levelled. Moreover, ESM’s machine and generator mounts are also available with integrated horizontal adjustment, designed for much easier and more accurate alignment. This significantly simplifies the alignment of the generator and also makes it more accurate in position, as the generator remains in its final position during leveling. Horizontal adjustment is carried out by a standard hexagon bolt. All mounts are also equipped with end stop to safely transfer the tensile stress occurring in the event of a short circuit.

  • Continuous vertical and horizontal adjustment
  • Robust and compact design for restricted spaces
  • Forces can be transferred both vertically (tensile and compressive forces) and horizontally
  • Customized models available
  • Stiffness and eigenmodes in x-, y- and z-direction are adapted to the circumstances

  • To isolate structure-borne noise and suppress vibrations of machines and generators
  • Generators, oil pumps, emergency power systems, stationary diesel engines, others
  • Wind turbines, drivetrains, general engineering, others

Hydraulic weight supports

In case of supporting free or widly extended structures, large weight forces occure due to large distances between the centre of gravity and the support position. Those forces act as additional loads to the supports.

To accommodate these weight forces, ESM has developed elastomeric supports that are used to connect large gearboxes with flanged generators or motors.

The combination of hydraulic elastomeric mount and pressure accumulator units allows to combine the support of very high load levels and a low support stiffness. Compared to a conventional generator mount, large deformations and movements (vertical and horizontal) can be suppressed while constraint forces are simultanxeously minimised. Hydraulic hoses connect the pressure accumulator unit to the hydraulic elastomer support. If requested, targeted damping can be yield into the system.

This allows a free positioning of the pressure accumulator unit in the turbine. ESM’s hydraulic weight supports allow a safe and simple assembly, while the level of support can be continuously adjusted.

  • Very high load levels and a low support stiffness
  • Horizontal and vertical compensation of high deformations and movement
  • Minimising of constraint forces
  • Free positioning of the pressure accumulator unit in the turbine

  • Bearing of self-supporting structures with high centre of gravity distances
  • Support of high weight force

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